A few weeks ago my friend Beth Dunn, Author Of Social Climbers and head of the Preppy Mafia, did a post about inspiration. She asked what inspired us. Here was my answer:

"The documentary on Isaac Mizrahi UNZIPPED. How he puts on shows, feels so insecure but is genius. Watching GI Jane the movie. Watching Demi Moore kick butt amongst the men. Seeing concerts or great movies. Watching talented people at work. The show Iconoclasts inspires me too. Amazing to see what people can achieve."

But truly let me add on. What inspires me is brilliance. Brilliant ideas, concepts, and then execution. God given talent. God. Landon's use of his arm. My preacher. Michael Jackson. The Alvin Ailey dancers. Broadway shows. Auntie Mame. Gospel music. People with special needs kids. Beautiful houses. Vacations. My Dad. Mothers who try their hardest. Maya Angelou. Carol Burnett....and Coco.

What about you? What inspires you? If you want to post about it on your blog let me know you did!!

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Mrs. Lynch said...

I should do a post about it...but you have beautiful inspirations. One square of chocolate for me can yield an award winning thesis