Friday Give Away! Early Lingo!

Is it ever too soon to introduce kids to other languages? No! We are big fans of the Early Lingo series in this house and now you can be too! Caryn Antonini, the owner and creator is giving 2 DVD's away! You get to choose! Spanish, French or English!

A little about Early Lingo:

  • Early Lingo is a playful approach to learning.
  • The interactive program allows young children to become familiar with a foreign language through immersive and repetitive learning techniques.
  • The use of playful animation and live-action video create a stimulating visual context.
  • The Early Lingo Series is the first of its kind, offering a solid foundation in learning foreign languages. With frequent exposure any child will be able to speak with no accent and familiarity.
  • Early Lingo uses the Total Immersion Method, a method that immerses the child immediately into the target language with no use of translation.
  • Early Lingo uses native speakers who articulate, speak slowly and use comprehensible words and phrases that are easy for the child to understand.
  • Children can learn a foreign language in their own home at any given time, an easy and convenient learning experience for all.


Learning a foreign language will not confuse your child. Quite the opposite – studies show bilingual and multilingual children score higher on SATs.
“Learning a foreign language allows the brain the flexibility to express ideas in different ways – it opens the mind to think outside the box.”
- Prof. Alissa M. Webel, Georgetown University

There is no limit to the number of languages a child can learn. The brain separates neural pathways for each language. Young children’s brains are capable of imitating any sound and can therefore learn additional languages without an accent.

Are you ready to win your TWO Early Lingo DVD's?

For one entry tell us what languages you want!
For two entries Fan Early Lingo on Facebook!
For three entries Follow Early Lingo on Twitter!

Winner announced next Thursday! Good luck!



Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Living in california, I would love for my kids to speak Spanish.
Thanks for the fun giveaway!
Leslie from

Rachaeldmc said...

I think I would get Spanish and French.

Cookie Crums said...


Beth Dunn said...

I've always wanted my sons to learn spanish!

Preppy Mama said...

So cute! I think Spanish is a must and I have always loved French. I would love for my boys to learn them both! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Preppy Mama said...

I am a fan of Early Lingo on FB.

Preppy Mama said...

Following Early Lingo on Twitter too! Have a great weekend!

lizziefitz said...

Spanish por favor:)))