Feeling Salty? Are our kids having too much salt?

Watched GMA yesterday (I tivo it and watch it at night, because you know there's no watching TV in the morning with two kids!!!), and they had a whole segment on processed meats and salt. Let me start by saying that like my pal Muffy Martini, I love Vienna Sausages. I also feed Landon Oscar Meyer Bologna. Hey I ate it and I turned out okay? (Well sort of.)

Here they were bashing my precious friends the hot dog, salami, bologna and other processed meats. Said there is now direct correlation between processed meats and colon cancer in adults. YIKES. So they asked, why risk it with kids?

Hmm. Then they said the real reason the processed meats are no bueno, is the salt content.

"Savard noted that a generic turkey sandwich has nearly the same amount of salt as a hot dog and bun -- nearly the maximum allowance of salt for the entire day.

Too much sodium, Savard said, increases blood volume, forcing your heart to work harder and putting more pressure on your arteries, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease or a stroke."

Double yikes!
So now I am in a panic. We do bologna, hot dogs, hamburgers and salty fries... I think I need to rethink Landon's diet. Yes I do organic chicken breasts, organic mac and cheese, fruits and veggies. I am just thinking of cutting some of this out or at least way back.

What do you feed your kids? Be honest. Let's come clean!!!

xo The Mrs.


Brie said...

I think about these things all the time. That being said - I am really bad in the summer!! Like you, I say to myself - I grew up eating these things and live to tell - but who knows... I think moderation may just be the answer!

Beth Dunn said...

I worry about salt for myself but not as much for my children. They eat a lot of junk xo

Life, Love And Lola said...

I'm a total saltoholic!

Cookie Crums said...

I have been picky from day one about what my kiddo eats. He eats lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Now don't get me wrong.... we eat our share of burgers, fries and pizza on occassion but it's not all the time. I really want my child to be healthy and like foods that are good for him. I don't try to force him to eat things he doesn't like though.... I'll just try it a couple of times and if it's still a "no" that's the end of for a long while.

As for salt.... I rarely put salt on anything cooking or eating (drives my husband bananas). And watch sodium content very closely! :)

PaperCourt said...

I don't watch it closely but I overall I think my kids eat very healthy. My oldest (5) just started liking arugula and both boys love carrots and hummus. They eat about 1 hot dog every couple of weeks.

Preppy Mama said...

My son only ate hot dogs. I did some research after one of my girlfriends bashed me for it and there was a correlation to brain cancer in children who ate an excessive amount (my son ate them about every other day!). I asked the doctor and she told me to get the nitrate free ones at trader joes or whole foods. I still restrict it, but he loves them so!

Mags said...

I'm a saltaholic as well. When preparing dinner, I try to lay off on the salt and will salt my plate only when eating. We usually make the kids plates in the kitchen, then bring their plates to them in the eating area.

Since it's Summer and we spend most of our days at the beach or pool, we usually eat deli meats every day. I don't stress much about the sodium intake as this is probably the most they are getting each day...maybe I need to rethink that!

Courtney said...

I always have mixed feelings about these reports because sometimes I think it is just a fad. Remember a few years ago they were saying no eggs, now they are pushing eggs.

debra said...

My daughter isn't too picky which makes it easier for me. I pack her a turkey sandwich about twice a week for lunch (I always thought turkey was better than ham or salami-guess not). The other days I do PB&J. I try to put in a fruit, a veggie (usually carrots) and a sweet - pudding, jello, etc. For breakfast she usually has cereal (not always a low sugar one, unfortunately) & fruit. Dinner is the usual stuff - chicken & rice w/ veg, meatloaf, pasta made many ways. Our big problem here is sweets but we're working on it.

We did ALOT of hot dogs (turkey-thought they were better for her) when she was younger. She still likes them but it's more of a once a month type thing now.

I think it's everything in moderation really. Hope I'm right!

Jillian, Inc said...

We're not big on meat around our house, and very rarely do deli meat and never do hot dogs...but not because of the sodium. I do have to admit I am a salt=aholic. So are my mom and two brothers. I CRAVE salt and put in on most anything...apples, any raw veggies. I would always choose a salty snack over something sweet. My husband, on the other hand, loathes adding salt to anything and thinks it's completely unnecessary. (Little does he know that I salt when I cook and he always thinks everything tastes so good). I try to tone down the salt with our kids and hide my love of all things salty.