Freaky Friday

I figured since it's Friday I'd do a little freaky Friday post. Here are five freaky things about me. Well, maybe not freaky just random, strange and soooooo me!

1) I am the hula 1991 champion of Key West. Don't ask me to do it now though!
2) I don't know horizontal from vertical and get them mixed up all the time!
3) When I see someone dance really well, I just start bawling. (Hello, I am loving So You Think You Can Dance!)
4) I am not wild about nature AT ALL. I like a beach, but climate control is my ideal.
5) I sneeze at least seven times in a row, the cats do the same thing and Coco!

I am tagging:

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Always Organizing said...

Great post Mrs. Hula Champion of 1991! ;)

Courtney said...

Great post. It is always fun to find out interesting things about people. Way to go Hula champ!

Far From Perfect said...

Too funny- I Struggle with the horizontal/vertical thing too. Thinking of blinds on a window help me... tee hee.

Cookie Crums said...

THat's fun! I hear ya Hula Champ!! :)

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

I love Key West. My parents lived in the Fl Keys. Loved it there and I cannot hula hoop. Never have been able to so congrats to you!

Domestic Diva said...

Great post.. you come up with the best ones. Love the Hula thing.. and agree with the climate control!
Have a fabulous Freaky Friday!
xxxx me

nanny said...

Those all just great tidbits about you!!!

Kristin said...

I am with you on nature. I love to look at it, but camping is not my thang. I'm in awe of your hula hooping skills. I never could get that down.

Anonymous said...

Cool tag - thank you!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

Um, I cry at every episode of SYTYCD. I'm glad I'm not alone!!!

Bee and Rose said...

I must say I am totally impressed by the whole Hula Champion title! Wow!

I love the 7x sneeze thingy! lol! I only hit about 3 in a row so again, I'm impressed! You are one of the cool kids!