Top Five Easy Halloween Party Recipes

I have a Halloween Trick or Treat party every year and am ALWAYS on the hunt for new and EASY fabulous recipes! Here are my top five that I am loving right now!

1) Witches Fingers (From Eat Yourself Skinny)

2) Pizza Mummies from Spoonful

3) Ghost Bananas and mini pumpkins

4)  Candy Corn Pretzel Fudge by Illuna

5) Eye-Scream by sunlit Spaces

 On a plate, place two round scoops of vanilla ice cream. Make a couple streaks on the scoops with strawberry syrup. Place a blue, brown, or green M&M on the center of the scoop, and add a dot of black decorating gel in the middle of the M&M.

What are your favorite Halloween recipes?

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JR Mazur said...

totally adorable treats!