Friday Five!

Getting the hang of this now!

Here are my favorite five things right now:

1) Polka Dots and Moonbeams had a grand RE-Opening Last Night! I am telling you no matter your size these ladies can make people look good! Here's proof!!!

2) I just ordered this Pottery Barn Kids "Catalina" bed as a surprise for Landon. He's having surgery on Dec 4 and I wanted him to have a big boy bed to show how brave he is. It's ON SALE!

I can't wait to get it all assembled!

3)  Love stores like Blue Bird in LA where they sell gently used clothes and toys for kids. Scored a few winter coats for NOTHING and they are gorgeous. Do you have these types of upscale resale shops where you are?

4. I am thinking of a rug like this and a look like this for our living room. This is Jonathan Adler. I think it's chic and modern and I kids of love a little humor too! My friend Carrie who writes Pearl and Pierce Home decorates like this and I need her to come over ASAP!

5)  I am obsessed with the Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Maker. Had to order another one however, because that guy cannot go in the dish washer.

Since I do not drink coffee, and I am constantly tired (hello, I'm a MOTHER), this gets me through the day.

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suburban prep said...

I am constantly tired and I am not a mother. But I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I wanted to tell you of a few of my secrets. I take a supplement of vitamin B12 and I also have gone to Whole Foods and bought the Bach Flower Essence--energy spray. Both are natural. I do not want to take anything that might do harm as I also deal with DVT (deep vein thrombosis). These have helped me garner energy. I suggested these to my sisters and both have gone to their doctors to ask if they are OK. I also do acupuncture and it has helped tremendously in many aspects of my life.
Your son will love the bed--so darling. All the best for the surgery. Prayers

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I haven't seen an iced tea maker in the longest time! My mom had one that we used all the time when I was growing up. If I remember right I think I caused her to have to buy a replacement pitcher...I think I dropped it and it cracked or something. It was a must have for us too so she bought a second one.

Work it Mommy said...

I love my local consignment boutique, I was actually planning on going tomorrow :) Prayers for your son and your family.

JR Mazur said...

what a great bed! Sending continued blessings your way!