Is Synthetic Turf Toxic?

I had wanted to get some artificial turf put in at Landon's school. There's no grass, only pavement. I thought this might be the perfect no nonsense solution. Now I'm starting to think NO WAY.

I started doing a little research and went here: .

"Synthetic turf can deteriorate to form dust containing lead at levels that may pose a risk to children. Given elevated lead levels in turf and dust on recreational fields and in child care settings, it is imperative that a consistent, nationwide approach for sampling, assessment, and action be developed. In the absence of a standardized approach, we offer an interim approach to assess potential lead hazards when evaluating synthetic turf."

Whoa. Why do I feel like no one is talking about this??!!

"Synthetic turf is a rug made from plastic.  Plastic is made from hydrocarbons.  Hydrocarbons are volatile compounds meaning they evaporate quickly in the presence of sunlight and heat.  Even though they exist in solid form, they still off-gas to the atmosphere – think of the new car smell on a hot day.
On clear warm days, synthetic turf fields get superheated to temperatures from 120o to 180o F.  In this quite common scenario, the gasses rising from the field adsorb, or grab, the macroscopic particles of carbon black (a known carcinogen) and create deep lung inhalation exposures for athletes."

Have  you heard about this? Seems like Turf is getting put in everywhere now a days. Am I the only one who thinks this is scary?


Debra said...

Yuck! I haven't heard of this but it kind of makes sense. Is there no where they could plant grass or put down sod? We have a grass shortage here (of course) but now that I think about it there's really no synthetic turf in the schools or parks.

artificial lawns said...

Artificial grass will also not die if it is positioned under a shading tree, or in a north facing garden or in a boggy position. These are all areas where real grass struggles to survive... but artificial grass is just the same wherever you put it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Scary indeed!
Check out our community petition to stop this product from being laid down! The City Council thinks a poured in Place Tire playground is safe but it is not and this petition details why.