Great Easter Basket Ideas That AREN'T CANDY!

I don't know about you but we still have our Halloween candy! We can never get through it all, even with Landon being a candy monster. I really am more of a savory, salty gal, so the candy sits and sits.

For that reason (along with my lack of love for dentists) I am more into the candy free Easter Basket! I picked a few things up that you might like too!

Princess/ Cars mini chairs:

 Now coco and Landon can be sitting in style when we go to games! How cute are these?

Also since we are on spring break I thought they might want to fish with magnetic fish!

Also got them some kites. Perfect for our beach trip coming up!

And life wouldn't be complete without bubbles!

We put pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters inside the Easter Eggs and the kids LOVE it. We give them each one big chocolate bunny and a few other sweets but that's it! You can have a great Easter without a ton of candy! What's in your Easter Basket?


Courtney said...

I fill Logan and Madison's baskets with spring clothes, bubbles, and some small toys. Logan is getting some small cars and Madison is getting some jewelry and sunglasses. I'm with you, I am a salty, savory girl.

Sandra Carson said...

All set for the trip..loved these kids stuffs..:)

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