Halloween Costumes! Are they all this slutty?

With two family Halloween parties and two others for the kids we have finalized our costume ideas.

For our Family Costume:

Bee Keeper, Queen Bee and bees!

Husband and I will be looking something like this:

And the kids like this:

Now you may think my bee costume is a little revealing. I can assure you that's not the case. Because here were the other "Queen Bee" costumes I found:

Uh huh. All I'm saying is that in these, you would have seen my "stinger". Buzz Buzz.


Suburban Princess said...

I keep hearing the same thing over and over...all the costumes are slutty. Is that what society has come to?

Melissa said...

What a cute family costume idea!

Girl/women Halloween costumes have gotten SO slutty! I think yours is cute and not slutty, especially with the leggings underneath. The other ones you posted are ridiculous. This is part of why I don't HAVE to have a daughter. A lot of the clothes and costumes for girls can be so, so trashy.

Debra said...

Sadly, they're pretty much all like that. It's really hard for my 10 yr old. Little girls' costumes are almost as bad as the womens'. Most of the costumes are not suitable for a family party so I think you did a good job finding the one you did. Cute idea for the family!

lori carolina said...

Your family would be adorable!! I think you should go for the last one for sure!!:))

Serge said...

I think that your family would be the apple of the eye at those parties which you're about to attend! Hope to see more of these pictures soon!