As Seen On TV Toy Reviews!

Yes, I am the sucker who buys things my kids are begging me for. I do make them wait for birthdays to get these things (usually). Sometimes, however, I must order these out of sheer curiosity to see if they work! My reviews below may surprise you!!!


Landon begged for these for months. Finally I put it on his birthday list. His friend Owen said he would order them for him. Ridiculous I thought. Then when they arrived I loved them!!! We ordered the Monster ones.

They are hilarious and have lasted through the torture Landon gives them.
Thumbs up for Stompeez!

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome

Again Landon saw this and had to have it. Friends bought it for him and we were so surprised how well it worked!

He spends hours writing on the walls. Is it as elaborate and as exciting as the commercial? NO. But he does like it!

Thumbs up for Doodle Dome!

Dream Lites:

Coco was the culprit this time. Up at 4:30 am she begged for the unicorn Dream Lite she saw on TV. 

I ordered it for her on Amazon and waited to see what arrived! The unicorn was cute and the lights on it;s back change colors and make stars on the ceiling. It works perfectly. Landon of course had to have one too so now we have the penguin as well.

Two thumbs up for Dream Lites!

In conclusion:

1) Stuff you buy on TV apparently can work.
2) Don't feel guilty buying it if the kids are begging at 4:30am.
3) I need to stop watching TV, and so do my kids!!!


eas said...

Do we have twins separated at birth? My daughter saw the commercial ONE time and became obsessed. She wanted the Unicorn (aka Unicorna). So a friend of ours ordered for her birthday and she takes the thing EVERYWHERE, sleeps with it ever ynight and talks about it nonstop. I love when I'm driving at night and there are little stars all over roof of car.

We are planning on buying the giraffe next. HA !

The Pink Putter said...

Thanks for the reviews. My girls are begging for a Dream Lite. Glad to hear that they might be worth the money!

Debra said...

When my daughter started reciting commercials I knew we needed to stop watching tv. I have never bought anything from tv but I have purchased a few things that have made it from tv to Walgreens. Most have been junk ( thing to stop the dog from barking for example) but I've never bought any toys.

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Both of my kids (6 and 9, mind you!) want some kind of dream night light animal thingy?? Is that it?