A Dolphin Tale

We had been told about this movie and I am so glad we got to see it!

A Dolphin Tale was inspired by the amazing true story of a brave dolphin and the compassionate strangers who banded together to save her life! A tear jerker for sure. The way the boy in the movie, who is so shy, comes out of his shell to help the dolphin is amazing. Landon and Coco both loved this movie.

With all the challenges Landon will face with his arm I hope he was inspired to see this Dolphin refuse to give up!

Get it on amazon. I did!


Pink in a sea of blue said...

My kids loved this movie and we have friends that went to visit Winter in FL over Christmas break.
Great story and film!

3 Peanuts said...

Our children loved this movie too. I know someone who went down to FLA to see the real Winter!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

My kids loved it, too. And our neighbors saw Winter in Florida over Spring Break.

Molly duPont Schaffer said...

Come to Clearwater, I'll introduce you to Winter!