Gingerbread Party!

Bestie outdid herself again at this years Gingerbread Party. Such a great idea and the kids had the best time! 

Coco couldn't wait to break into the candy...

She made placemats for each of the kids. Could you die?

She had our adult buffet set out with my hostess gift to her from last year! But hubby was drooling over the ham she was cooking.

The kids had a ball.

So did us girls.

And Coco got to be with her Bestie too.

Life is good.


lizziefitz said...

Almost makes me want to throw a gingerbread party...almost;)

ABS said...

What a cute idea!

Melissa said...

SO cute! You're right, I would definitely do this when Landon is older!

I love your outfit! Where is it from?

Lori said...

Super cute, the two littles are adorable!

Mrs. R said...

I love Coco's blouse! Gorgeous!!