Spa Day! Turks and Caicos Virtual Vacation!

We've earned this haven't we?

Oh friends this spa treatment list is so good, and so long I may never leave this virtual vacation! Here's a little sample:

A rhythmic oil massage with warm herbal oils and herbal powder (Ubtan) that is specific to your Dosha. Impurities and toxins are loosened, immunity is enhanced, circulation is stimulated and the body and mind experience deep relaxation.

Warm herbalized oil continuously flows over the entire body and is combined with a soothing massage. A rejuvenating therapy that counteracts stress and promotes positive health.

Javanese Royal Lulur Bath
This beauty ritual begins with an Indonesian Massage. A body scrub with aromatic mixed spices precedes the application of cooling yoghurt and a flower-filled bath.

What would you like? 

Here's where I will be!

Hot River Stone Massage
This powerfully therapeutic massage utilizes hot and smooth oiled river stones. The hot stones glide along muscles, correcting tensions at the deepest level. The melting sensation promotes a profound sense of relaxation.


eas said...

That stone massage looks delightful. Thank you for your phone posts!

lizziefitz said...

Feels so good! TGIF!

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

Stone massage...ahhhh...that's exactly what I need....

Debbie said...

I have so earned that!

Solar Powered said...

This is too fun! I want to plan a virtual vacation :) I, too, desperately need a vacation and don't see one in my near future :(

bevy said...

She looks like a chocolate chip cookie!!!