Holiday Plotting And Planning!

Every year I have a theme for my tree. Last year I had a pink and green tree in honor of Miss Coco's first Christmas! I also had a flocked tree (my first time!) in the den that I just loved.

This year I have decided on a purple, gold and green theme. Yes, I have a purple Christmas Tree skirt! I also have gold birds nests, purple eggplant an other vegetable ornaments in sequined purple and green. I am very excited about my theme! Of course there will be a few family ornaments on there as well. We are getting the tree this weekend so I will take a picture when it's all done.

The Mr has already hung my green sequined wreath over the mantle. Looks amazing!! Thanks Mr!

What are you doing this year? Do you have a theme? Do you love Holiday Decorating as much as I do?


Mom on the Run said...

I'm still trying to talk myself into getting all the stuff out. I have several "themes" going and way too many trees. In our living room we get a real tree, so I'm waiting another week or so on that, but that one is always a Nutcracker tree just because we have soooo many NC ornaments from all the years the girls danced and it's the biggest tree. So that room and the dining room are all Nutcracker. I have a blue and brown "nature" sorta tree in the den, a pink tree in the girls' bedroom (lots of pink Phi Mu ornaments, etc.), a blue and green tree in Judson's room, a red and blue tree in Josh's room with baseball ornaments, and three trees in the big with Santa and red and white ornaments, and two little trees that sit on tabletops with all the kids' homemade ornaments going all the way back to preschool days. It just grows gradually so that when you get to be my age, you just have SO MUCH STUFF. Somebody talk me into getting motivated to get it out of the storage room, please!

Mrs. Mix-it said...

I remember last year and that Red and White Cardinal tree and you being bed ridden!!! I must have gone to 2 or 3 Michaels to help you find those cardinals, but all was well worth it after I saw that beautiful tree. Now this year I am very excited for a Purple tree because as you know that is my all time favorite color. Looking forward to coming over and admiring your new tree our house will be decorated soon.!

Jen said...

Wow, that 'mom on the run' does an amazing amount of decorating. I love the of switching the tree theme every year...I'm thinking it might get expensive though....hubby's eyes are still popping out about the cost of holiday cards.

My theme sticks with traditional red and green with nature inspired elements and a few vintage touches. I did a post about this too.

Your purple tree sounds cool!

Preppy 101 said...

Absolutely love decorating!! I always have a trad tree - red/green with a collection of ornaments that take me through the years . . . Can't wait to see pics of your tree! Will be gorgeous. xoxo

Claire said...

This Christmas I'm putting some lights around the upstairs balcony, a wreath on the door and I'm done because I'm going to my daughter's home in PA - the wonderfulness of having grown daughters!!!

Poolside with the Girls said...

Last year I gave my kids their own tree in their TV room so they can put all their "special" ornaments on it(and by special I mean things I don't want on the family tree!). They love decorating it without me harping on them about spacing things out etc. they can do whatever they want and it actually looks really cute.

I have a tree in our hearth room that has just brown, gold and silver bulbs on it.

The tree in our great room a mix of ornaments that we've collected over the years. Some are hand made, some are from when I was a child. I always put my collection of birds up at the top.

I like to have a oversized garland on every mantle and outside the front doors.

I also like to have a few little trees lit up outside on the porch.

My husband puts a candle in very window.

I think that's it!