Christmas Recap!

It was a snow filled good time in Iowa. And I have the pictures to prove it. Landon wasn't so sure about the snow at first. Then his cousins took him sledding (first time!) and he was sold.
Notice orange hat, pink gloves and borrowed snow suit. We were not so prepared!!

 Landon was thrilled that Santa brought him a Leapfrog like he begged for.
And Coco got her first girl dolly! Complete with bathing suit and sunglasses of course. Ready for L.A!
I got lots of Lilly and jewelry and a framed pic of my very preppy Christmas card!

Some gift wrapping highlights...Mom and sister in law ReRe knocked it out of the park!

But best of all was seeing Coco in the Christmas dress my Great Grandmother (Mamaa), had made for me. Doesn't she look sweet!?
A fabulous time!!


Courtney said...

Looks like your kids had a fabulous Christmas. I bet they had so much fun playing in the snow.

Suburban Princess said...

Love the LP jammies!

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

mamamagnolia said...

Love your daughter in the Christmas dress that was yours and made by none other than your grandmother. So special. Glad your family had a great holiday. We had unexpected snow too, but not enough for sledding or snow suits.

bevy said...

What a wonderful Christmas for your family... And a white one to boot!

Preppy Sue said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday, love the sledding photo! Happy New Year!