Help A Child- Pass Bill 1738 the Child Protection Act

Did you watch the Oprah show recently about the incredible amount of child pornography on line?

It was horrifying. Hubby wouldn't even watch. I barely made it through but I am glad I did because O told us how we can help. The problem is there are not enough resources to follow all the leads of online predators. They even have the technology to tell which house the online porn is coming from but not enough staff to follow up.

Here's where you come in:

Write a letter to your senator.

You can do you're own written one or cut and paste this into an email.

To find your senator go to:

Find your senator by name or state and click on "web form" to send an email. You can cut and paste this in below:

Dear Senator:

I know that you believe, like I do, that we must do everything possible to protect children from sexual predators. That is why I am asking for your help.

Last year alone, U.S. law enforcement identified over 300,000 criminals who were trafficking in movies and pictures of young children being raped and tortured. Experts say that one in every three of these criminals has local child victims. Child pornography trafficking over the Internet has given us a trail of evidence that leads straight to their doorsteps, but the vast majority of these children will never be rescued because investigators are overwhelmed, outnumbered and underfunded.

As your constituent, I urge you to do everything in your power to pass the PROTECT Our Children Act (S. 1738, Biden-Hatch). This bipartisan legislation passed the House 415-2, but it is now the victim of petty partisan politics.

Now that we know where these children are and how to protect them, there is no excuse for the Senate to fail to take action this session.

(Your name here)



Belle in Bloom said...

Thanks so much! I'm on it.

Brie said...

done and done! I sent it to both senators for NJ. Thanks for making it so easy for us - I missed the show but like your husband probably wouldn't have been able to sit through it.

Again... One Fabulous Mom :)

Mags said...

I just sent them to my senators in VA. Thanks!!!

Lauren said...

I am with hubby - I could not make it through the show I was so disturbed. Thank you for posting this! I really want to get the word out in blog world so we can all email our senators!!!

I hope you are feeling well. :)

prepinparadise said...

I saw it and was so p.o.'d, I thought I would throw up.
I also posted this on my blog, so I hope the message is spread!