Top Five Valentines Day Crafts For Kids!

I kind of LOVE Valentines Day even MORE now that I have kids! There are so many cute crafts you can make.

Here are a few I am loving:

1) The Stained Glass Heart:

Tissue paper, construction paper, glue and you're all set! Read more about how to do this on Our Small Idaho Life

 2) Foot print Valentines Card

How cute is this to do with your little ones? Read more on Fun Family Crafts!

3) Heart Shaped Animals

So simple and cute! Read More on Crafty Morning!

4) Tissue paper by number heart!

Educational and sweet! Read more on the Crayon Box Chronicles.

5) DIY Valentines Day Stamp

Gorgeous and simple!
Housing a Forest!

Next up Valentines Day Favors!

Check out these and my other favorites on my Valentines Day Pinterest Board!


Suburban prep said...

What great ideas. I forwarded to my sisters who have young children.

Prince Snow Farm said...

Oh I miss crafting with little ones! my daughter, now 11, is starting to show me crafts now! How lucky I am!