The Best Graduation Gifts- I love the sentimental ones!!


This year Landon will be graduating 1st grade and Coco will be graduating Pre K and going to Kindergarten in the fall. While I am not ready for big graduation gifts, I am starting to think of the sentimental things I can do NOW that will have a big pay off when they graduate high school!

One of the things you can start ANY TIME at ANY AGE is:

1) Oh The Places You'll Go- By Dr. Seuss:

Have your childs teacher sign this book every year and then give it to them at graduation. Coco and Landon's books started in Pre K so they will be FULL! This is an inexpensive and oh so meaningful gift! One of my favorites and I try to tell everyone about it!

2) I have also seen: The Letters:

Write a letter to your child each year at the same time (you can even add a little money each time) and then when they turn 18 they have a great graduation gift!

3) Story People Print:

My Mom had given me some of these, but now there are even better more sentimental art pieces you can buy from story people. I like the prints best. This one is amazing.

Love this one too:

3. Memory Books-

I am the queen of the snapfish photo book and now that I am adding quotes like this I am the tear jerking queen!

I love doing a book of photos and story so they can see their whole year and how much they've grown.

I also love giving this book:

4) Just Who Will You Be- By Maria Shriver

For a comprehensive list of amazing graduation gifts I loved... Look at what  'How Does She?" Posted. Click here.

What's your favorite graduation gift?

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